Keyless Locks / Access Control

We understand the importance of Electronic Door Locks. We believe that time efficiency is key for customer satisfactory

Keypad + Fingerprint Lock

At SOS Locksmiths we like to keep up to date with modern technology
These kaba keyless entry systems have become an increasingly popular method of securing commercial and residential premises.
All models feature an illuminated key pad to allow for the entry of a pin code for use!
-They come in black/silver or white/silver
    You can pick from:
  • - keypad + fingerprint or
  • - keypad + swipe card

These locks are very user friendly
Keypad +swipe card Lock

Lockwood digtal lock

At SOS Locksmiths we also supply and fit Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolts
The Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt offers you flexibility with the use of a master pin code, 20 user codes and a visitor code that can be valid for up to two weeks. It also has a weather resistant keypad, low battery warning, key override for emergencies and many more features for your safety and convenience.

Carbine keyless door lock with key override
Electronic Digital Door Lock

Convenient - Keyless entry keypad unlocking
Secure - Key override with LKW5 (C4) keyway
Simple - Easy DIY installation and operation
Field changeable handing
    Standard features:
  • Code entry from outside
  • 100 user codes 4-8 digits
  • 1 master code 6 digits
  • 4x AA standard 1.5V alkaline batterie
  • Battery life = 50,000 cycles
  • Batteries not supplied
  • Low battery warning light and tone
  • 60-70mm adjustable latch
  • LKW5 (C4) keyway cylinder - 6 pin cylinder keyed to a 5 pin key
  • Easily rekeyable
  • Suites 32mm-51mm door thickness
  • Tested for 400,00 cycles, also moisture & salt spray tested
  • Lever Styled same as Carbine SL8000 model

The Lockwood Digital DX Locksets provide easy to use mechanical keyless entry for commercial and domestic applications (installations) no wiring or batteries required. The factory set code is easily changed to any code using the code changing kit provided with each lock. Lockwood Digital DX Locksets are designed to control access into commercial areas, especially when frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security.

Access Control Systems

Access Control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any business, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors and staff.

SOS Locksmiths offers a range of Access Control systems including:

  • swipe cards
  • pin codes &
  • proximity readers.
Access control systems can be integrated into other systems in your business, such as time and attendance records, and CCTV systems, which will activate when a door is opened to provide usual proof of who is entering the building.

Access Control systems can do more than simply allow authorised people into and out of your premises. Sensitive areas such as a manager’s office stock rooms or data centers may need special protection. Alternatively, access may be required by different people at different times - for example, cleaning staff may need to access certain areas at specific times of the day.

It may also be important for your business to monitor who goes where and when. Cataloguing employee and visitor movement can generate valuable management information to help your business achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Infrared access

  • Card access